Hair for Helmets
Stick 'em to it!!

Featured Hair!

This is all natural red hair. Pick yours up now for $34.99 plus S&H. Click on hair for larger image.Just select your band color below and Add to Cart

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Welcome to Hair4Helmets!


A new innovative idea. 

Make a statement when you ride.  Show others that you are special.  Watch their stares and double-takes!  People will introduce themselves just to let you know that they love your “hair.”  They will stop and watch you take your helmet off because they want to see how you got your “hair” through your helmet!  They’ll ask to take your picture.  They’ll point, they’ll wave, they’ll give you a thumbs up! What a laugh everyone gets when wearing Hair4Helmets!

Helmet Hair

And ladies, it makes wearing a helmet a lot better.  The hair underneath may not look great but you look fabulous with your helmet on!! Hair4Helmets can be worn on the side of your helmet as pigtails or just use one on the back of your helmet as a ponytail.  Purchase several and change your hair color every day!!


Kids?  They won’t even mind wearing their bicycle helmets with the cute pigtails  or little pony tail on it.

It’s a whole lot o' fun!!!


Quality and Reliability


Hair4Helmets is made from 100% human hair.  This means it is safe to wear in all kinds of weather.  It can be washed and dried, braided, cut or curled (However, be warned; if you cut it, it won’t grow back).  You treat it just as you do your own hair.


Hair4Helmets has been proven to stay in place at speeds of up to 90 mph when properly applied.  Just don’t let the cops catch you testing it out!